ARQ values

The specialist demand for care and services in the wake of overwhelming events and psychotrauma is of a limited and episodic nature. Also, it involves a relatively expensive approach with care and services provided on a (temporary) basis, frequently carried out by organizations operating solitarily.


Over the past 70 years, the Netherlands has been investing heavily in the development of knowledge about traumatic events and psychological trauma and their impact on individuals, organisations and society. This has led to the founding of a great number of organisations that worked unconnectedly, and from their own particular focus.
Due, in part, to economic pressures, the expertise gained seemed to be in danger of being lost. In 2007 ARQ Centrum'45 took the initiative to bring together those organisations as much as possible and to link up their expertise through the creation of ARQ National Psychotrauma Centre. ARQ not only feels a social responsibility to ensure that the joint knowledge and experience continue to be enhanced but also wishes to play a pioneering role in this.

It is through bringing together the specialist organisations in ARQ National Psychotrauma Centre that integrated care is supported best. In addition, the impact of traumatic events and psychological trauma is approached from medical, psychological and societal perspectives.

It is in the interest of society that its psychotrauma care is organised in the best possible way and that the knowledge acquired is retained, developed further as well as shared so as to make expertise available and deploy it to serve the interests of others in society who have been victimised.
ARQ deploys scientific research, education and training to achieve these goals.
To this end, ARQ also works in close collaboration with other (inter)national institutions.

ARQ is a mission-driven organisation and the joint knowledge and experience gained by the professionals in ARQ is directly converted into recommendations, guidelines or better services in terms of prevention and care.

It is in restoring survivors’ medical, psychological and social self-management as much as possible that ARQ’s professionals find their greatest challenge and satisfaction.



ARQ National Psychotrauma Centre is the international leading group of experts in the field of shocking events and psychotraumatology for individuals, organisations and society.