ARQ National Psychotrauma Centre welcomes gifts. We use these extra receipts for purposes that cannot be financed from the ordinary funds. These could include research trajectories, innovative projects, playground equipment for children or sports equipment.

Foundation Friends of Foundation ARQ

For this purpose a separate foundation was set up: Foundation Friends of Foundation ARQ.
This foundation has been designated as a PBO (Public Benefit Organization). Because of this, the Foundation Friends does not pay gift and/or inheritance tax on gifts and inheritances received. The entire amount gifted is used for the benefit of patients receiving treatment and to fund scientific research into psychotrauma and psychotrauma treatment.

What this entails for you is that gifts made out to Foundation Friends are tax-deductible for income or corporate income tax, always, of course, in accordance with the statutory laws.

Gifts are welcome and can be paid into account number NL95 FVLBO in the name of Stichting Vrienden van Stichting ARQ [Foundation Friends of Foundation ARQ].