ARQ National Psychotrauma Centre was established towards the end of 2007, with ARQ Centrum ’45 (formerly Foundation Centrum '45) launching the initiative. Feeling a social responsibility to ensure enhanced cooperation on the theme of psychotrauma (care), ARQ Centrum '45 took the lead in this.

Over the next years, the group has expanded and is now best defined as a group of organizations engaged on the impact of overwhelming events and the specialism of psychotrauma.

ARQ Centrum '45

In 2005, ARQ Centrum ’45 entered into an administrative merger with Foundation 1940-1945.
Together with the Institute for Psychotrauma Ltd, the Foundation KTP [kennis en toepassing psychotraumatologie (knowledge and application of psychotraumatology)] was set up whose aim was to establish a joint professorial chair. In 2006 the PDC (Psychotrauma Diagnosis Centre) was set up. Further, the establishment of the Dutch-language Society for Psychotrauma [Nederlandstalige Vereniging voor Psychotrauma, NtVP] was participated in. Bringing together the expertise on psychotrauma was of central importance here.

Foundation ARQ

In 2007 it transpired that a clear structure was required and thus, the holding Foundation ARQ was set up. The Institute for Psychotrauma (IVP) became a part of ARQ. In 2009 Antares Foundation and Equator Foundation joined the partnership (until 2012 for Antares Foundation). Next, the Amsterdam Medical Centre outpatient clinic for police officers became part of the PDC. This was followed by the foundation, in 2010, of Echoes Online. The year 2011 saw War Trauma Foundation, Foundation Cogis and Foundation Impact all become partners in Arq. As of 1 January 2014 also Foundation Pelita is partner in ARQ.

Collaboration within ARQ

The collaboration within Arq has brought about the enhanced application of new scientific insights in both a preventative and curative sense. It is in the interest of society that our knowledge and understanding about overwhelming events and psychotrauma care is optimally enhanced, laid down and shared.

Foundation Arq fulfils two different roles in this:

  1. ARQ brings together and facilitates all the specialisms of the affiliated partners and establishes new connections wherever possible.
  2. ARQ works to initiate, channel and drive the public discourse on the impact of overwhelming events and psychotrauma on the individual as well as on society at large.