Breaking the cycle. The impact of intergenerational transmission of war trauma on the development of the young child

This ZonMw funded dissertation study concerns the impact of being traumatized by war and subsequent migration on the development of the young child by assessing the well being of mother, father and child, as well as the interaction and attachment between the parent and the child.

The aim is to understand the influence of the interaction between the traumatized parent and his/her child on the symptomatology of the child. It is innovative for the amount of systemic observation and assessment to lay bare the complex dynamic between traumatized refugee mothers, fathers and their children. (Ph.D. project by Elisa van Ee, clinical psychologist; Ph.D. project of P&H and Utrecht University; under supervision of dr. T. Mooren and prof. dr. R. Kleber).

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In December 2013 Elisa van Ee obtained her doctorate.