Deconstructing Delayed Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Is it possible that people develop posttraumatic disturbances only later in life? Is it possible that people seemingly function adequately only to develop mental health problems after months, years or even decades after the traumatic experiences have ended?

The concept of delayed PTSD will be studied by meta-analysis (regarding clinical picture, prevalence and associated factors of delayed PTSD in different types of trauma in epidemiological studies), secondary data analyses and qualitative interviews (concerning the influence of pre-traumatic characteristics in a longitudinal prospective study among peacekeepers). (Ph.D. project of Geert Smid, psychiatrist; Ph.D. project of P&H and Utrecht University under supervision of prof. dr. R. Kleber, prof. dr. B. Gersons, dr. P. van der Velden and dr. J. Knipscheer).

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Geert Smid obtained his doctorate in 2011