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Screening instruments for Unaccompanied Asylum seeking minors: The instruments are suited for making a quick inventory of symptoms experienced by refugee adolescents. The screening instrument can be used by psychologists, psychiatrists, school psychologists, school doctors, etc. who are experienced in the assessment of well-being of adolescents. Academics with experience in using standardized diagnostic techniques may also use this instrument. The instrument may also be used in a research setting and for the monitoring of symptoms during a specified period of time. Follow-up care should be arranged prior to the administration of the instrument. Register to use free of charge

Back on track

Back on Track: treatment asylum seekers with travel phobia. Intended for the treatment of refugees and/or asylum seekers who have difficulties traveling in train or bus and overcome these problems. Instruction available in Dutch and English. Back on Track.

The Lowlands Acculturation Scale (LAS)

LAS is an instrument for the assessment of acculturation. It is applicable to inhabitants with various ethnic backgrounds living in the Netherlands. The items reflect daily living circumstances as well as aspects of concrete behaviour, norms and values. For more information

Meaning of War Scale (MWS)

The Meaning of War Scale (MWS) measures the sense of meaning after adverse events such as war and violence. It focuses on (dis)trust, alienation, personal growth, control, hope religion and casual explanations. For more information