Trudy Mooren

Prof. Trudy T. M. Mooren, PhD

Since January 2020 Trudy Mooren is endowed professor at the Department of Clinical Psychology of the Utrecht University. The chair ‘Family Functioning Following Psychotrauma’ has been organized in collaboration with ARQ National Psychotrauma Center. Her research is focused on the consequences of psychotrauma for family relationships in diverse populations, such as veterans and refugees.

She works as a clinical psychologist at ARQ Centrum’45, and is a licensed therapist in Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy (supervisor), EMDR and familytherapy. She is the head of training of the post-master education of clinical psychologists (in cooperation with the RINO Groep). She is the chair of the Dutch Society of Psychotrauma (NtVP) and boardmember of the European Society of Traumatic Stress Studies (ESTSS). She contributes to the scientific advisory committee of the Dutch Society of Family and Relationtherapy (NVRG).