Hans te Brake

Hans te Brake is senior policy advisor research and development at ARQ Centre of Expertise for the Impact of Disasters and Crises, the Dutch knowledge and advise centre for psychosocial care and safety concerning shocking events. Hans coordinates the Resilience & Organization program. A high quality of psychosocial care warrants an optimal use of people’s resilience. This, in turn, is greatly influenced by the individual’s social context and the organization in which one works. Projects Hans is involved in aim (1) to understand, use and support resilience within different contexts; (2) to enable individuals and organizations to identify when resilience is insufficient; and (3) to ensure timely referral to (professional) support when necessary. Many projects focus on high-risk occupations such as police, fire brigades, ambulance workers and the military. Hans studied social psychology and wrote a PhD thesis entitled 'Burnout and job engagement in dentistry’. He worked for several years as a researcher at NIVEL before joining ARQ Centre of Expertise for the Impact of Disasters and Crises in 2007.