Juul Gouweloos

drs J. (Juul) Gouweloos

Juul Gouweloos works as a psychologist and researcher at Impact and is PhD student at the department of Clinical Psychology, Utrecht University. The topic of her PhD is psychosocial support after critical incidents. How can we make optimal use of victims’ resilience and their social environment in order to foster natural recovery? She perform her research among high-risk professionals (e.g. police officers, paramedics) and disaster victims. In addition, Juul is involved in a project to create a self-screening instrument for child pornography investigators that gives them insight into the balance between job demands and job resources. She is also involved in a research study into the prevalence of- and risk factors for suicide in Dutch police officers and she coordinates the Psychosocial Support Reference Point for victims of a plane crash in Ukraine in 2014. What motivates Juul is the combination of clinical practise and research. Besides research, she gives counselling to  victims of critical incidents at work. Juul graduated with honour from Utrecht University in the field of Clinical Psychology. She worked at Parnassia Bavo Groep (mental health care organisation), the Psychotrauma Centre of Wilhemina Childrens Hospital and the Institute for Psychotrauma.