Karin Alice Schouten

Karin Alice Schouten is visual artist (Academy of Art, Enschede, 1984), SRVB registered Art Therapist (Hogeschool van Utrecht, 1992), Master of Arts Therapies (Hogeschool Zuyd, Heerlen, 2013). As Art Therapist she works with traumatized refugees and refugee families at ARQ Centrum '45, Diemen and at Phoenix, ProPersona, Wolfheze. 
Art therapy often is applied in PTSD treatment. The visual and tactile characteristics of art therapy fit in well with the visual and sensory nature of traumatic memories. Art therapy reduces PTSD symptoms, enables gradual access to traumatic memories and has positive effects such as increasing emotional control and autonomy and strengthen self-esteem, resilience and psychological well-being.
She is researcher Art Therapy and PTSD at KenVak (Research Centre for Arts Therapies) and external PhD candidate at Radboud University, Nijmegen. The aim of the research is to increase knowledge and empirical evidence of characteristics, efficacy and effectiveness of art therapy in the treatment of PTSD.
She regularly publishes and presents nationally and internationally.