Marieke Sleijpen

drs M.J.T. (Marieke) Sleijpen

Marieke Sleijpen is a psychologist and PhD student at ARQ National Psychotrauma Centre and Utrecht University. She is doing research on resilience in adolescent refugees. Furthermore, she works for Psychosocial Support Point Refugees (Psychosociaal Ondersteuningspunt Vluchtelingen) and Child Flower, an organization that supports the mental well-being of children and adolescents in vulnerable situations.

Marieke previously worked as junior researcher at ARQ Centrum '45 focusing on intergenerational effects of war. She participated in structural activities of  'Wetenschapsknooppunt Utrecht University' and developed creative workshops for children in asylumseeker centers for Foundation Vrolijkheid.

Marieke was also assistant editor of the Dutch handbook Posttraumatische Stressstoornissen  (Vermetten, Kleber and Onno, 2012) and image editor of  hard//hoofd (an online magazine for art and journalism).