Marieke van Gelderen

Marieke van Gelderen, MSc (Psychologist-researcher at ARQ Centrum ’45)

Marieke van Gelderen works as a psychologist-researcher at ARQ Centrum ’45. In September 2014 she started her PhD-project on ““Multi-modular Motion-assisted Memory Desensitization and Reconsolidation (3MDR) for treatment of PTSD”. Within this project she is conducting a randomized controlled trial on the effect of 3MDR on PTSD and associated domains for veterans with chronic PTSD who did not fully benefitted of evidence based trauma-focused psychotherapies. She works together with partners of the Landelijk Zorgnetwerk Veteranen and with partners of the international 3MDR consortium from Canada, Israel, United Kingdom and United States. Furthermore, she is conducting a pilot study on the effect of 3MDR for police officers. With a background in clinical neuropsychology she previously worked on several other research projects on PTSD, including studies on sleep and on cortisol in PTSD. Additionally she worked as a psychologist at Altrecht where she performed diagnostics for adults with complex psychiatric disorders.