Michel Dückers

Michel Dückers is research programme leader at the Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research (Nivel) and at ARQ Centre of Expertise for the Impact of Disasters and Crises. In his research a focus is placed on health effects of disasters and environmental hazards as well as the quality and organization of the response. Michel has been involved in recent European projects aimed at optimizing the management of public health crises and vulnerability reduction, focusing on particular topics such as post-disaster mental health and psychosocial support, infectious threats and healthcare optimization for refugees and other migrants (e.g. OPSIC, EUTOPA, CBRN, EUNAD, EUR-HUMAN, GERi and SoNAR-Global). He is an advisor for national and local governments in the event of calamities. Michel publishes frequently in international journals and books. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration (Twente University) and a PhD in Social and Behavioural Sciences (Utrecht University), and completed his habilitation in Clinical Psychology and Methodology (University of Innsbruck).