Pim Scholte

Pim Scholte is a psychiatrist and a researcher. He is the founder and head of Equator Foundation, an organization providing psychiatric treatment to traumatized refugees and victims of human trafficking. 
His work involves the design and scientific evaluation of innovative treatment methods characterized by the blending of an individually and a contextually focused approach. Over his career Pim has inspired and contributed to the training of countless young professionals. Pim has extensive international working experience in post-conflict regions such as Kashmir, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Gaza strip, Congo, Rwanda, Darfur and Sierra Leone. He is involved in psychosocial programming, supervision, training and research in low income countries and humanitarian settings, and holds a PhD in mental health in war-affected populations. For many years he was at the board of administrators of Doctors Without Borders. As an expert on psychosocial issues around asylum seekers, refugees and victims of human trafficking, Pim is frequently engaged in policy development or lecturing.