Simone de la Rie

Simone de la Rie is a clinical psychologist/psychotherapist at Stichting Centrum ‘45/Arq. She is team leader of the team of expertise “Refugees and trauma” as well as team leader of the team of expertise “Screening and diagnostics” together with her collegue  Mayaris Zepeda Mendez. She is working at stichting Centrum ’45 since ten years, the last years at the policlinic and dayclinic located in Diemen. As a functionary regarding treatment for refugees and asylum seekers she designed the Traumafocused Daytreatment for Refugees, a dayclinical program in three phases. Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) is an important part of the treatment program. She is also working at the Day Treatment for Traumatic loss. She is registered as a psychotraumatherapist at the NVTP.  She coordinates all clinical training of behavioral sciences.  She is a teacher/trainer of NET. 
She focusses on diagnostics and treatment of psychotrauma of culturally diverse groups (Western and non Western) with experiences in (post) conflict areas: in particularly the indvidual (neuro) psychological consequences of traumatic events as well as  the social context of these events.