Trudy Mooren

Dr. Trudy Mooren

Trudy Mooren, PhD, is affiliated as a clinical psychologist with Foundation Centrum ’45, Arq Psychotrauma Expert Group, the Netherlands. She is partly associated as a researcher with the Department of Clinical Psychology, Utrecht University. She is involved in diagnosing, treating and researching the consequences of psychotrauma in various populations of survivors of violence, war and migration. In her work she is particularly interested in the consequences of trauma on a relational and family (system) level. She is a trained family therapist, supervisor in cognitive behavioral therapy and EMDR therapist. As a researcher she is involved in several projects directed at resilience, refugees, long-term consequences of war and efficacy of (family) interventions. For Medecins sans Frontieres and War Trauma Foundation she has worked for projects in Bosnia Hercegovina and WestBank, Palestina. She is a board member of European Society of Traumatic Stress Studies (ESTSS).